What Life can Do for Me

It seems that the more information I soak in, the more I lose sight of my path, my own intentions. It’s like a kid getting distracted while walking by anything that moves and makes a sound- he very well may end up somewhere else entirely than his original destination without proper guidance. For that same reason, I feel it only right to occasionally list your goals, and just in general what you want out of life. Seeing it written out in front of you can be just the push you need to really prioritize and think about who you want to be rather than your current path. Easier to align that way.

Me, personally?
-I want to go into business for myself by the age of 30. That gives me 4 years to not only figure out the whats hows and begin, but also to a degree in which it goes from my side hustle to my actual income. We’ll call this my long term goal.
-I want to gain weight, 20- 30lbs to be a little more precise. I’d like to allow myself a year to do so. Beyond just the weight, I want to be healthier in general. So what appeared to be another long term goal, is act5ually incredibly short termed- day to day I need to remind myself of the man I want to be; the path I choose to walk towards.
-For the first time since I began writing this blog, I hope A doesn’t read this post, because my next goal to list, is to marry her. I’ve made up my mind on that a while ago. Within 1 year, I want to be in a good enough situation where I could take care of us. That’s “the time”. Not when we’re rich, not when we’re successful.. but when I can hold my head above water enough to at least see her smiling from the beach. I love this woman, and in 1 year I want to have a place we can call home, a bank account on the up and up, and a appropriate vehicle for a budding family.

I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up; at 26 I’m as clueless as I was at 6. Actually, at 6 I was convinced I would grow up to be a cartoon (and somewhere between a mouse and Dick Tracy, but you jist). But even in that situation, you need some goals. Start small. Little habits you need to make or break, get on it, because if not now then never. Don’t wait for things to get bad, don’t wait for the new year to start, just get off your butt and get productive. Most importantly, keep it positive.

Peace and Love, all.


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