Tuesday Ramble

Well, I gotta say I do love my life.

I don’t have much at the moment as far as material possessions. But I have so much love all around me. It’s helped a lot. has been a big influence on my happiness; Not that she even just makes me happy, which she does, but she showed me what it means to love yourself, to appreciate those around you, to take in the view and laugh a little more.

I’m not a religious man, but I don’t know what I’d call myself other than blessed. I have a wonderful family, and they are a strong unit themselves. I don’t currently have my ideal living situation, by a long shot. Due to unfortunate circumstance, I had gotten rid of my vehicle. My family has tried a lot to help me, and I appreciate it.

I’ve learned what it means to set goals, long and short term, and the importance there of, I’ve learned that there’s no time but the present to make progress. I’ve learned that honesty is the only way with those who you love. I’ve learned that toxic people have nothing to offer me, even if they’ve been friends for years (I now know I’ll be okay without them). And I’ve learned to be comfortable in my own skin.

If you’re reading this A, thank you, for everything. I look forward to many years making you laugh and seeing you smile. Each day is a gift, I’m glad to experience them with you.

Sorry to any readers for the lack of “entertainment” in this particular article. Just feeling strongly, and it’s nice to get it out.

Several movies and an album review coming soon.



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